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Some want to sell their business. Others are looking for one. There are many advisers willing to advise, but who will really help you?


For any succesful transaction

In our view, for any successful transaction, you need three parties; someone willing sell, someone with the right intentions and means to buy, and someone to arrange everything. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hunt Corporate Finance
Hunt Corporate Finance

Meet Hunt Corporate Finance

Hunt Corporate Finance has the expertise to quickly and adequately assist business owners with acquisitions, buy-outs, buy-ins, valuations and financing.

We search for suitable parties, determine the value of the business, assist in raising/assessing financing, handle commercial negotiations and supervise the entire transaction process.

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As an entrepreneur, one day you will be faced with a party interested in acquiring you. It’s ego-stirring and sounds tempting, but often, if it’s a party that regularly does acquisitions, it happens that the advisers are left out or it happens so fast that you don’t even have time for it, and before you know it, you’ve signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”), thinking, “Oh well, what the heck”.

What many people do not know is that a Letter of Intent is already binding under Dutch law and sets the bandwidth within which the transaction is done. Often we see that once this bandwidth is set it can make renegotiating these terms challenging.

We have one tip: the moment there is a knock on the door, contact Hunt Corporate Finance.



We understand the needs of shareholders.
As such our services are tailored to match them perfectly.

Acquisition and sale of companies

We know what it means to cash in on your life's work, but we also know how to string the next bead on a chain.

Buyout of partners

We know the dynamics of these processes like no other and have experience on the side of the partner who leaves, and as advisers on the side of the partners who remain.

Participation or procurement by new partners

We advise business owners and are masters of negotiation, valuation and contractual completion of participation or procurement by a new partner like no other.

The valuation of companies

Before making the decision to buy or sell a business or an asset, it is crucial for you to know what it is actually worth. Hunt’s team of valuation experts will work with you to reach a considered and robust valuation.

Management buyouts

We have experience in management buyouts and would be happy to assist you with that.

Debt advisory

We know the market and can assist with refinancing, debt capital raising, acquisition financing, assist in the selection of potential financiers and manage the process and negotiate with the financier/investor on your behalf.


Experiences of our clients

Arjen Paardekooper is an extraordinary and fascinating man. I thoroughly enjoyed his role during the transaction. I have not experienced this from an M&A advisor before!

Walter van de Wege
CEO Happy Horizon

Arjen is a dedicated advisor and is able to think like an entrepreneur when needed.

Arjen really is a dealmaker and a closer!


We know the sentiment.
Hunt Corporate Finance has been involved in the following transactions, among others:


Hunt Corporate Finance successfully advised online marketing agency AdBirds on its sale to Happy Horizon.

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